FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this legal?

A: Yes. It is your federal right to be able to request to amend your health record. Please refer to the Legal tab under Resources in the left hand column of www.PreHx.com

Q: How will completing a PreHistory (PreHx) help me or someone else?

A: Our government has defined and structured nearly 30 basic questions that could be asked during a medical encounter. Unfortunately, medical providers are crunched for time during a typical healthcare encounter. By completing a PreHx, you will be able to reflect over each question and formulate good answers as preparation for your medical encounter.

Q: How do I share my PreHx with my medical provider?

A: If you print our PreHistory from this website, you can complete the form and submit it along with a ‘PreHx Amend Form’, which is located on the left column of this website. By completing a PreHistory at PreHx.com, you can access your completed document(s) at the left column “My PreHxs.” From there, you can View your document and download it as a pdf or, from Preview, you can scroll to the bottom and email it to yourself. From there you can decide whether to bring a printed copy to your medical visit or send it electronically.

Q: Are the PreHx questions difficult?

A: The questions are all very basic, but they are thorough. Modifying Factors, for example, asks, “What makes your problem better or worse?” Quality asks, “What does your problem look or feel like?” With a little reflection, these questions will be easy for you to answer. The hard part is expecting a medical provider to ask as many of these questions as possible and record them in the health record. There is just not enough time during a typical medical encounter.


Q: Can I complete a PreHx for someone else?

A: Yes. As a family member, friend or caregiver, you can help someone answer all of the questions and submit the document as a request to amend.


Q: What will my medical provider think of my PreHx?

A: Like most things in life, it depends how you approach your request. We suggest offering your PreHx as a means of helping your provider gather accurate information. Rather than struggle through the visit trying to understand your problems, a PreHx allows the encounter to start with all of your concerns recorded in a structured format.


Q: How can my PreHx co-author my health record?

A: The HIPAA Privacy Rule [45 CFR § 164.526] is a federal right that gives you the right to request to amend your health record. Your medical provider may take up to 60-90 days to consider your request. Another option is to accept your PreHx immediately and use your words to populate the History component of your health record. Clinical research published 2017 can be reviewed at: http://jaoa.org/article.aspx?articleid=2599978

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